fbpx Croute savoyard recipe

Croute savoyard recipe

Pâtes aux brocolis
Preparation time
25 min
Cooking time
13 min

Some history

Like Pecorino, Pecorino Romano is a ewe’s milk cheese, but more salty. It comes from Sardinia, the Rome region and southern Tuscany.

This pressed cooked cheese has been subject to a Protected Designation of Origin since 1996. It is traditionally eaten in the springtime in Rome with a handful of fava beans.


400g pasta
400g broccoli
3 garlic cloves
Black Gaeta olives
4 anchovy fillets
100g pine nuts
50g parmesan
50g Pecorino Romano
Olive oil
Salt, pepper


Cut up the broccoli, keeping the stalks.
Heat the olive oil, chopped garlic and olives in a large frying pan.
Put to one side.

In another frying pan, brown the pine nuts and anchovies to be added at the end of the recipe.

Boil and salt a pan of water. Cook the pasta and broccoli in the same water. The broccoli should be cooked for 13 minutes.
If the pasta cooking time is less than 13 minutes, start cooking the broccoli first, then add the pasta.

When the pasta and broccoli are cooked, partially drain, but keep a little of the cooking juice. Pour the contents of one frying pan into the other. Add the pasta and broccoli then sauté.

Finally add the Parmesan and Pecorino Romano.

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