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Online shopping, home delivery, loan of raclette, fondue or stone grill, loan of snow shovels, return of unconsumed products at the end of your stay... Discover the 100% Mountain services at your Sherpa store.


Make your life easier!

Forget any pressure from your ski trip! Sherpa offers you its online shopping services.
In one click, your order will be delivered to your place of residence in the ski resort.

Sherpa Values

A range of local and high quality products, an exclusive selection of wines and a tailor-made service that advises and supports your desires.


on your vacation spot

A 100% mountain service!

Do shopping

They will be ready
when you arrive in resort!

Good local products
and all national brands

A 100% pleasure service!

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In  Alps,
Jura and Pyrenees

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Life in our stores, promotional offers, contests... Follow all the news from our mountain supermarkets!