Freshness and flavour

Freshness and flavour

Freshness and flavours, but also colours and scents….

Sherpa’s choice is to offer the widest range of taste and brands.

The entire French way of life with, of course, a slight preference for local products. 100% mountain duty!

Fruit and vegetables

A variety of fruits and vegetables, because you can also eat well during a stay in mountains!


For each massif, its cheese specialties. Our Sherpas select cheeses from their region for you.


After cheese, charcuterie is one of the essentials of a mountain meal.


From breakfast to aperitif, at Sherpa there is necessarily the bread you need.

Mountain party

The match between the raclette party and the fondue party remains a must in mountains. No one will blame you if you do both during your stay!


And to accompany your meals, our Sherpas propose a wide choice of wines, beers and digestives.