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Terre de l'Alpe

Terre de l'Alpe

Exclusive and gourmet, Terre de l’Alpe is a brand created by Sherpa to offer you all the flavours of our mountains!

At Sherpa, we are committed to the mountain community all year round! This is why we have created Terre de l’Alpe, our own brand, which expresses our passion for high altitude regions. Taste, choice, beautiful stories of producers and small regional companies all as passionate as we are, to offer you the best of our mountains. And the story is even more beautiful when it is the illustrator Mademoiselle Caroline, who, from her chalet at an altitude of at 1200 meters in the heart of the Aravis mountains, drawn the universe of our brand with “the scream of the mountain” which echoes from valley to valley. Enjoy your tasting!



Butter, eggs, cheeses: Reblochons, Beaufort, Abondance, Tomme, Raclette, Fondue… Discover all the Terre de l’Alpe dairy products made in Savoie and



Sausages, hams, and dried meats, diots and pormoniers, terrines… Discover all the Terre de l’Alpe delicatessen products made in Savoie and Haute-Sa

épicerie salée

Savory grocery

Crozets, Polenta, Pasta, soups and veloutés, savoury biscuits and Sticks Apéro...



Pure Fruit Juices, ciders, and sparkling apple juice...


Ice cream

Vanilla, salted butter caramel, Génépi, blueberry, lemon, dark chocolate… Discover all the Terre de l’Alpe ice cream and