fbpx Fera with Beaufort recipe

Fera with Beaufort recipe

Féra au Beaufort
Preparation time
30 min
Cooking time
3 min


4 smoked fera fillets
4 thin slices Beaufort cheese
4 Charlotte potatoes
25cl Roussette (Savoy white wine)
1dl olive oil
2 shallots
4 blades white chive
Dozen pink peppercorns to garnish


Step 1: Cook the potatoes in their skins then cut into round slices. Next, marinade them in the olive oil, white wine, chopped shallots, chopped chives, salt and pepper.
Step 2: Trim the fish, add a slice of cheese on each fillet, bake under a grill at around 220°C.
Plate up and enjoy!

Wine suggestion

Chignin Bergeron
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