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charcuterie terre de l'alpe

Dry sausages, hams and dried meats, diots and sausages, terrines … discover our range of delicatessen Terre de l’Alpe.

          The sausages:

          • Savoy sausages (in sachet), 200g pure pork, smoked, with hazelnuts, blueberries, at Beaufort, Reblochon, Tome de montagne and bear's garlic.
          • Savoy sausage, 220g - extra lean.
          • Dry sausages, straight and curved 200g - pure pork.
          • Savoy sausages (naked), 200g pure pork, with hazelnuts, Beaufort or bear's garlic.
          • Mini-sticks in trays, 130g pure pork, smoked, Beaufort or hazelnut.
          • Artisanal dry sausages, 300g pure pork, Beaufort or hazelnuts.
          • Old-fashioned sausage, hand bridled, 550g - pure pork.

          Hams and dried meats:

          • Savoy dry ham, 90g
          • Graubünden dried meat, 70g
          • Dry extra thin sliced sausage, 90g
          • La coppa, 50g
          • Raclette platter, 180g : Savoy dry ham, rosette and coppa
          • Rag of Savoy ham, 70g

          Diots and Pormoniers:

          • Natures Savoy diots , 4 x 85g
          • Smoked Savoy diots, 4 x 85g
          • Savoy pormoniers, 4 x 85g


          • Savoyard terrine, 180g
          • Savoy terrine with blueberry, 180g
          • Savoy terrine with Génépi, 180g
          • Savoy terrine with chanterelles, 180g
          • Savoy terrine with bear's garlic, 180g
          • Savoy terrine with Beaufort, 180g
          • Savoy rillettes, 180g

          Find and taste the whole range of Terre de l'Alpe products in stores or online sales.

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