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Butter, eggs, yogurt, Reblochons, Tommes and Tomettes, Fondue, Vacherin and hard cheese specialties... discover our entire range of Terre de l’Alpe creamery.

Butter, eggs and yogurt:

  • Savoy butter, 250g
  • Medium sized eggs, x 6 - ORGANIC
  • Outdoor eggs, x 9
  • Molded faisselles ladle, 4 x 100g - ORGANIC
  • Natures yogurt 4 x 125g - ORGANIC
  • Yogurts on raspberry bed x 2 / Yoghurts on blueberry bed x 2, 4 x 125g - ORGANIC
  • Yoghurts on blueberry bed, 2 x 125g - ORGANIC
  • Yogurts on raspberry bed, 2 x 125g - ORGANIC
  • Yoghurts on a bed of chestnut puree, 2 x 125g - ORGANIC


  • Reblochon fruitier AOP, 230g
  • Reblochon fruitier AOP, 450g
  • Reblochon fermier AOP, 450g
  • Tomme de Savoie IGP, 300g
  • Tommette de Savoie, 230g – ORGANIC
  • Fondue with 4 cheeses, 400g
  • Little mountain vacherin, 330g
  • Beaufort AOP, 220g
  • Gruyère de France IGP, 250g
  • Comté AOP, 220g
  • Abondance fruitier AOP, 250g

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