Savoie cheese fondue recipe

Origin : Alpes du Nord
La fondue
Preparation time
15 min
Cooking time
15 min


  • 200g cheese (mixture of emmental, comté, beaufort, etc or ask your Sherpa shopkeeper for his personal recipe).
  • 1/2 French stick of dry bread
  • 1 glass dry white wine
  • 1 garlic clove
  • salt, pepper
  • sodium bicarbonate


Grate the cheese or cut it into thin strips.

Cut the bread into large cubes.

Smear the inside of the cooking pot with garlic then heat the wine in it.

When white ripples appear, gradually blend in the cheese.

Stir with a wooden spoon in a figure-8 shape until a perfectly smooth mix is obtained. 

Taste and add any required salt and pepper; throw in a pinch of sodium bicarbonate (causing a few seconds foaming) for an easy-to-digest fondue!

Wine suggestion

The chef's trick

The chef's trick

When the fondue bowl is nearly empty, add a few egg yolks with pieces of bread and let them brown!

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