fbpx Salted butter caramel \"Religieuse\"""" éclair"" recipe"

Salted butter caramel \"Religieuse\"""" éclair"" recipe"

Religieuses caramel beurre salé
Preparation time
45 min
Cooking time
60 min

Some history

de lait et de sucre auxquels on ajoute de la gélatine pour avoir cette consistance ferme.


30cl milk
20cl cream
150g sugar
2 gelatine sheets
2 lemons
400g raspberries
Fresh thyme
2 limes


Make the panna cotta
Bring the milk, cream and 100g sugar to the boil.
Soak the gelatine in cold water then add to the mix.
Grate the zest of the two lemons and add to the mixture.
Bring to the boil and allow to infuse for 10 minutes. Place in the mould and allow to cool.

Heat the raspberries in a non-stick frying pan.
Make a dry caramel with 50g of sugar then add the raspberries.
Cook for several minutes.
Lastly add the thyme flowers, then chill.

Place the panna cotta in the desired container to set.
Then add the raspberries as soon as the panna cotta has set.

Add lime zest at the moment of serving to add freshness.

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