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Revisitez les recettes de nos montagnes !

Couverture article livret de recettes 2020 2021 sherpa supermarché avec Mickey Bourdillat

They voted and then chose 4 starters, 6 main courses and 5 desserts, featured in this new booklet. Among them you will find some old classics, like the Fondue or the Tartiflette, but also some of the Valley's secret recipes, such as the aptly named Spiced Savoy apples delight.


The Sherpas have selected these 15 recipes, as they embody the French mountains, from the Jura to the Pyrenees, passing by the Northern and Southern Alps. And it is also because they also represent conviviality, family reunions and gatherings with friends. Sherpa is delighted to offer you this recipe booklet, to help inspire you to cook some unforgettable cuisine for your family and friends.


We hope that you will find our co-operative mountain spirit within these recipes and make your dream holiday come true!


Sherpa would like to thank Mickey Bourdillat, head chef of the Matafan in Chamonix, for helping to produce this booklet « Our mountain's specialties ».

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