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Loyalty Program 2021/2022

Sherpa loyalty program 2021 2022

This year again, collect points at each checkout and leave with gourmet gifts at the end of your stay.

1 point awarded at the checkout for 10 euros spent*


Choose your gift 100% mountain

4 Points : Sherpa Nylon Bag
6 Points : Terre de l'Alpe Crozets pasta (Flavour of your choice)
8 Points : Terre de l’Alpe sausage or mini bûchettes (Flavour of your choice)
10 Points : Terre de l’Alpe Shortbread biscuits or Sticks Apéro (Flavour of your choice)
12 Points : Terre de l'Alpe chocolate bar (Flavour of your choice)
14 Points : Terre de l’Alpe Jam (Flavour of your choice)
15 Points : Snowy soft toy or Terre de l’Alpe bottle (750ml)
16 Points : Terre de l'Alpe Terrine (Flavour of your choice)
18 Points : Terre de l'Alpe mountain honey (250 g)
20 Points : Terre de l’Alpe shortbread biscuits assortment (pure butter, raspberry and blueberry)
25 Points : A bottle of AOC Vins de Savoie (Chignin, Rosé de Savoie or Pinot de Savoie)


*Offer reserved for individual customers from 01/12/2021 to 30/11/2022 in participating shops. Point can be exchange in Sherpa shops for 100% mountain gifts until 30/11/2022, subject to availability. See participating stores, terms and conditions of the offer in store or on the back of the loyalty points.
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