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Terre de l’Alpe  

Exclusive and gourmet, Terre de l’Alpe is a brand created by Sherpa and includes all the regional products from Alpine agriculture and livestock farming. Cold meats, made by a Savoy family SME, founded in 1937; cheeses from two cheese dairies in Savoie and Haute-Savoie, fruit juice from the orchards, honey and jams, shortbread and village pastries make up a tasty and very complete collection of local products offering 100% pleasure!


Dry sausages, hams and dried meats, diots and sausages, terrines ... discover our range of delicatessen Terre de l'Alpe. Dry sausages : Les...
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Reblochons, Tommes and Tommettes, Raclette, Fondue, Vacherin and hard cheese specialties ... discover our range of cheese Terre de l'Alpe. Le...
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Butter, eggs, yogurt ... discover our entire range of Terre de l'Alpe creamery. Le beurre de Savoie, 250g Les œufs calibre moyen, x...
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Typical fruit from our region, two-coloured or golden apples selected by Sherpa for its Terre de l'Alpe range are grown in Haute-Savoie in a...
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Savoury grocery

Crozets, Polenta, pasta, soups and creamed soups, savoury biscuits... discover our range of salty groceries Terre de l'Alpe. Crozets and...
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Sweet groceries

Honey, jams, compotes, chocolates, pies, herbal teas, biscuits... discover our entire range of sweet groceries Terre de l'Alpe. Honeys: Le...
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Fruit juice, cider, sparkling apple, preparation for mulled wine ... discover our range of drinks Terre de l'Alpe. Fruit juices: Le pur jus de...
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