Order on-line
Deliver to your accommodation.
Loan of equipment
Loan of a snow shovel
Return of unused goods

Our services

Sherpa offers five services, unique in the resorts:

On-line ordering
To make your arrival in the resort easier and save time, Sherpa offers an on-line ordering service. You will find all our everyday products, many of the brands and Terre de l’Alpe regional products.
You click and order from your resort’s Sherpa store. When you visit the shop, your shopping is done and your box is ready for you.

Home delivery
To make your holiday even easier, many Sherpa stores offer a home delivery service. No more need to use your car, and no need to carry heavy bags of groceries up to your accommodation. The store drops them at your door, at the time you agreed.
To be delivered at home, contact your store by phone, email, or directly at the time of your order online.

The loan of raclette and fondue equipment or grill stones
Do you need the right equipment for raclette, fondue or grill stones evenings?
No problem, Sherpa will lend it to you free of charge! Ask at the shop and take advantage of these local specialities as well as the hospitable and festive atmosphere that goes with them.

The loan of snow shovels
Has your car been buried by the snow that has fallen during your stay?
To simplify the chore of snow removal, your Sherpa store will lend you a snow shovel.
The loan is free of charge and no purchase is required. You will only be asked for a simple security deposit in return (see terms and conditions in your store).

Unused goods can be taken back at the end of the holiday
Bring us the items you have left over and haven’t started and we’ll reimburse you! The idea is simple: “You’re on holiday, buy what you want and enjoy yourself!” If you’ve bought too much, no problem: we’ll take it back.
At the end of your stay, return any unused products in their original unopened packaging to your shop (excluding fresh and frozen products). Sherpa shops undertake to reimburse you in cash, on simple presentation of your till receipt.