Terre de l’Alpe sweet groceries

Find the complete range of Terre de l’Alpe sweet groceries.

Terre de l'Alpe honey


Taste our mountain honey selected for its taste qualities and its manufacture according to tradition. Among our products, find: Savoy mountain...
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Terre de l'Alpe jam


Taste our organic jams made using fruit rigorously selected for its taste qualities and their manufacture according to tradition. Among our products,...
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Terre de l'Alpe fruit in syrup and compotes


All of our stewed fruits are made from fresh fruits. The stewed fruits are prepared with little additional sugar. Thus all of our products are free...
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Terre de l'Alpe biscuit

Tarts and biscuits

The walnut is a very interesting fruit that Sherpa has chosen for its numerous gustatory and energising virtues. The walnut is very rich in omega 3...
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Terre de l'Alpe chocolate

Chocolate and sweets

Who could resist real suiss chocolate?! Come from Switzerland, those chocolate bars, chosen by Sherpa for its "Terre de l'Alpe"range, add a...
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Herbal teas

After skiing or a day in the cold, take the time to relax with one of our herbal teas. It's a real pleasure to drink it and enjoy...
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